BLS (Basic Life Support)

Basic Life Support (BLS) is the foundation for saving lives for professional healthcare providers globally. This course teaches students how to recognize and respond without delay to life-threatening emergencies. Providing high-quality chest compressions, delivering appropriate ventilations and provide early defibrillation does save lives and by completing you BLS training will reinforce your competence as a professional Health Care provider. 

 Why use us? 

  • You will be trained by experienced instructors who are passionate about what they do, they have seen it all in their careers. 
  • You will not only receive training; you will receive the best interactive practical training available in a classroom setting.  
  • Instructors use role plays with different scenarios during the training and we strive to copy reality as close as possible. 
  • Every second counts when saving a life, especially your loved ones. Life is short, make it count! 

Who should attend? 

All individuals in the healthcare industry who require Basic Life Support certification and CPD points to practice as a medical professional. This course is also a requirement before attending more advance courses. 

 What you will do during your practical evaluation? 

  • Practical assessment on how to assemble an Adult, Child & Infant Ambu Bag 
  • Patient assessment 
  • Providing high quality CPR to an Adult, Child & Infant using a pocket mask or Ambu Bag 
  • Perform proper jaw thrust 
  • Operating of an AED as a lone rescuer or as part of a team during a re-sus 
  • Assisting a choking patient 
Basic Life Support Training Course

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